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Dried Vegetables & Herbal medicines

Cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants, Fresh fruits and vegetables and dried vegetables have been done in Kerman province for many years. In the meantime, Barman Tejarat Behin Company was established to complete the supply chain and sell products such as medicinal plants, Fresh fruits and vegetables and dried vegetables and operated in this direction.

All stages of Cultivation to harvesting medicinal plant and dried vegetables  are done without poison and sifting and cleaning. The sorting of products is done with the most equipped devices and in a completely hygienic environment.

Barman Tejarat Behin supplies and sells the mentioned products with direct communication and without intermediaries and tries to promote healthy products without toxic residues in this field.

Bell pepper

It is a type of sweet pepper from the eggplant family that can be found in red, yellow, green and orange colors and it is also known as sweet pepper or capsaicin


This plant grows in all tropical and subtropical regions. Eggplant is a delicate and tropical plant that is often planted as a sensitive and semi-resistant annual plant in temperate regions.


Kiwi is a dioecious plant, where only one type of male and female flower grows in each plant. These flowers do not have nectar, but they have a pleasant aroma.

Rose bud

Rose bud

The chrysanthemum bud is a fragrant and colorful flower with a warm nature that is harvested every year in the spring before the flower fully opens. Rose buds are used dried.



Safflower, or in other words, clay flower, is the name of a native Iranian plant in the category of floriated plants.



Henna (Lawsinia inwemis) is a kind of plant with numerous medicinal properties. Almost all the parts of this plant are usable, but its leaves are the most used part.



Mallow is a Cold to moderate disposition. Mallow can grow in most parts of Iran. But Khuzestan and Andimeshk are the most potent parts.

Damask Rose

Damask Rose mostly use as a decoction but it has different usages; it will be powdered and used in yogurt, some kinds of drinks, and different sweets.



Tarragon has a hot and dry temperament. actually; wild tarragon is much hotter and drier. This plant is indigenous to Eurasia and belongs to the northern regions of North America.

Another important point about the company’s products is not to use the device to dry plants and vegetables, and the dried products are dried under strict supervision and in completely hygienic conditions without the use of machines and in the shade.

The location of company is in Kerman city and with several years of experience in supplying products such as Golbaf tarragon, Safflower, Bud and damask rose flowers of lalezar, Mallow, Shahdad henna, Eggplant and Bell Pepper from Jiroft and Roudan, Kivi and other. that these products are famous in the country in terms of quality and fortunately many Traders want these products for export.

Behin Tejarat Barman company is always trying to provide the best products and the most competitive market prices to its customers.


Accompanying  the customer, Sales and after-sales Service, high quality, reasonable price, guaranteeing  the absence of toxic residues  in products and timely delivery of orders to customers, all of them, have been one of the main reasons for the success and popularity of Barman company until today.

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