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Damask roses

Complete Guide to Planting and Caring for Damask Roses with a Unique Fragrance

Damask roses, one of the most renowned types of roses with an exceptional fragrance in the world of gardening, are characterized by a shrubby growth form. Their one-year-old branches unfold with the blooming of flowers in the early morning, bringing a special beauty to the surroundings. The flowering period of this plant is short, usually occurring once a year. Despite the fact that a Damask rose bush can live up to 40 years, it only produces flowers in the first 25 years of its life.


The optimal time for planting Damask roses depends on the geographical region. In warm and temperate zones, it is preferable to plant Damask roses in winter, whereas in colder regions, early spring is the best time for planting. For planting in a garden or pot, it is recommended to do so in the months of Bahman and Esfand (January and February) or early spring.



Damask roses exhibit high resistance to water scarcity. The highest water requirement occurs during bud formation and flowering. The plant thrives in soil that is semi-heavy with moderate drainage. Using 36-12-12 fertilizer is advised as one of the best fertilizers to enhance Damask rose flowering.



Damask rose flowers begin to open from early Ordibehesht to early Tir. The duration of flower opening may take 20 to 30 days in each region. The flowers last for a maximum of one day, after which the pink color of the petals changes to white. Subsequently, with a gentle breeze, the petals become fluttery and fall.