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All you need to know about damask Rose benefits

All you need to know about damask Rose benefits

Damask rose

In this article, we are going to introduce you to damask rose benefits. In addition to its beautiful appearance and pleasant aroma, the damask rose has many benefits that we will deal with them in the rest of the article; but first, you need to get to know more about the damask rose.

Damask rose is the name of a type of rose that is a hybrid of Galika and eastern shirazi roses. Based on the research conducted on the DNA of the damask rose, the rose has a lot of genetic similarities with the Kazakh rose and its pollen was probably used in the production of this Verity in the past.

Damask rose water is obtained from some samples of this flower. This type of rose has a high resistance against hydration. This plant like other roses is a small-leaved shrub whose height reaches  2.2 meters.

The branches of the rose are protected by Sharp and strong thorns. Damask rose has a range of colours from light and medium pink to bright red.

Rose flower has been cultivated in Iran for a long time; but since its extract and rosewater go to Europe from Damascus, the Europeans called it Damascene rose. The usable parts of the damask rose are its dry or fresh flowers and buds. Iran, Turkey, India and Afghanistan are the countries that are active in the sectors related to Rose oil, oil extraction and perfume production from damask rose. This fragrant flower is very popular. The origin of this flower has not yet been determined, but it is highly likely that its origin is Iran.

This flower has basic needs for growth, such as water, soil, temperature, light, height, fertilizer, humidity and wind. Damask rose which is a member of the rose family and a subset of roses, has approximately 200 species and is one of the most famous ornamental plants. In fact, the damask rose is one of the oldest and most famous plants from the Rose family, which has been used for many years and is long.

At first, this flower grew wild and now it grows in Syria, Morocco, Spain and the Caucasus in the form of a wildling plant.

In the research about the damask rose we come to the point that the Rose is called fragrant gold and the reason for this name is that it is the primary ingredient for perfumery in perfume factories all over the world.

It is also referred to as liquid gold because 1 kg of it, is worth 20 million dollars.

In addition to its good aroma and beautiful appearance, this plant also has medicinal properties.

This flower has many advantages and benefits for health and beauty we will examine some of the damasks rose gifts below. Traditional medicine believes that the damask rose benefits are so many and its nature is warm.


Introducing the damask rose benefits for the bodydamask rose benefits

Damask rose has countless properties for the skin, hair, pregnant women, eye health, removal of bad breath, kidney and kidney stones, against liver infections, and thinness, eliminating chronic cough, treating abdominal pains and digestive problems, and eliminating inflammation and sensitivity in the body.

Smelling this flower’s fragrance is effective in treating depression, and relieving sadness and anxiety.

The fragrant petals of damask rose can be used as an aromatic seasoning for meat dishes. Damask rose contains vitamins and antioxidants useful for the body, including vitamin C and it can be used to treat skin problems such as acne and remove all kinds of skin spots and wrinkles.


Damask rose benefits for skin

You should know that the damask  rose water benefits are so important for the skin; for example, the rose water solution obtained from this flower, together with water is a very useful scrub  for exfoliating the skin, removing

wrinkles, removing makeup and removing skin allergies.

In addition to vitamin C, there are other useful substances in this flower that are very useful for repairing body cell damage and protecting against diseases such as cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis and preventing cancer.

Drinking rosehip tea can also reduce skin wrinkles and increase skin collagen, thus keeping skin fresh and youthful.

Another damask rose benefit is its moisturizing properties, so it is used even for sensitive skin such as the skin of babies.

This plant keeps the moisture of the skin and removes dryness of the skin.

In the following, we will introduce a number of other damasks rose benefits for the skin.



  • Eliminate skin sensitivity
    Damask rose has the ability to fight free radicals, excess skin fat, skin sensitivities, and microbes on the surface of the skin due to its strong antioxidant properties, and for this reason, it cleans the skin from dirt and dust.
  • Reduce skin wrinkles
    Another damask rose benefit is reducing skin wrinkles. With vitamin C this plant is a unique scrub for the skin. Among the other damask roe benefits collagen production and skin rejuvenation can be mentioned. Among the damask rose water benefits we can mention its cleaning power that you can clean your face thoroughly at night as a toner.
  • Treatments for skin inflammations
    The third item from damask rose benefits is the treatment of skin inflammations. Damask rose has a very high moisturizing effect, that’s why rose water or natural rose water essence is used in the production of soaps and moisturizing lotions.
  • Treatments for dry skin
    Another damask rose to benefit the skin is it’s moisturizing and exfoliation. In this way, this flower keeps the moisture of the skin and removes dryness of the skin.
  • Moisturize the lips
    One of the last damask rose benefits can be mentioned, which is moisturizing the lips. If we add a few drops of honey and a spoonful of cream to the petals of this flower, it will give us a paste-like composition, which if we put it on the lips for 15 minutes it will make the lips shiny and moist.