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What is damask rose? +damask rose uses

What is damask rose? +damask rose uses

Damask rose is a variety of rose that is grown for its healing and nourishing properties and is a valuable part of anti-ageing cosmetics.

In this article we are going to talk about damask rose uses, benefits of rose water,damask rose oil, damask rose products and other things related to damask rose; so I suggest you join us.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with damask rose, let us provide you with some useful information about damask rose products.

Damask rose is the  type of rose that has been cultivated in Iran for a long time and  has  the most important use in the Rose industry. The areas cultivated with damask Rose are  mostly mountainous areas and dry and semi – dry areas with mild and dry Summers and cold Winters.

Rose water ,Rose essential oil, and Damask rose powder are the most important damask Rose uses, which are used  in pharmaceutical  Industries, perfumery, health and cosmetic products and food Industries.

Damask rose uses in medicinal are mainly in the treatment of rheumatic heart pains, Strengthening the nerves and stomach and relieving some headaches.

It is also used in the the preparation of jam, syrup and in the  confectionery and ice cream Industries. Another useful and well-known damask  Rose uses is the preparation of rose flower tea. Rose tea is an aromatic and wonderful drink with exemplary  properties for those who like hot drinks. Damask rose has a warm nature and is great for soothing  nerves.

You can make tea by using the colourful and fragrant rose petals and make a 100 % Oriental and soothing drink.

Damask  rose uses is depend on your taste. Some people prefer to make Rose tea by using its petals and enjoy drinking it, some people also prefer to enjoy the benefits of rose water and some others use damask rose oil  for various  purposes.

There are many damask rose products that everyone uses according to their needs. If we want to briefly name some of the products of the damask rose, we can mention the following which have different properties and functions.

Damask rose powder, damask rose oil, damask rose water, damask rose bud, damask rose petal. It can be said that one of the most common damask rose uses is to use it in the form of rose water.

Damask rose water is one of the most consumed spirits useful for Strengthening the heart, liver, stomach and nerves, and because of its properties and a special nature, it is called a miracle of nature. The use of damask rose water is useful and practical in many cases. This fragrant liquid brings us many properties and benefits.

One of the benefits of rose water can be to relieve stress and strengthen the nerves.

The original rose water is clear, without Sediment, and its  smell is the Pleasant  smell of the damask rose which does not have the smell of soureness.

The taste of rose water is heavy and slightly bitter which is one of the most important signs of the originality of rose water.

Damask rose  oil can be mentioned among other damask rose uses. Damask Rose oil is used topically and smelling it’s vapour creates a feeling of happiness and hope.

Strengthen hair roots and skin, relieve chronic pain caused by muscle cramps, strengthen the body, strengthen the liver are properties of damask rose oil. Damask Rose oil has countless health benefits especially skin and hair health. Sometimes some people have a swelling and inflammation of the feet, in such a situation damask Rose oil is the best option to treat such problems.

Also this oil improves blood circulation and by increasing blood circulation in the feet, it eliminates inflammation and any burning and itching. Bulgaria is one of the countries producing this oil. This oil  is called the liquid gold of Bulgaria; because every ounce  of Bulgarian flower oil is more expensive than every ounce of real gold.the original damask rose oil should be pale and semi-solid. As the mentioned before one of the damask rose  uses is damask rose oil which has a great effect on collagen formation, treatment of facial spots and removal of darkness under the eyes.

Other damask Rose uses include its essential oil.Rose essential oil  is a rare and valuable plant essential  oil with an amazing aroma which is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics. This herbal Essence is a symbol of love in some ancient cultures.History  shows that the Egyptians were among the first users of aromatic essential oil. this product is in great demand in the perfume industry and is used to flavor chocolate, jam, massage oil and many other products.

Health benefits of damask Rose

Damask Rose have unique properties for the health of the body and cure disease,therefore by including This valuable substance in your diet you can benefit from its valuable properties.

In the following we will briefly mention some of the health benefits of damask rose.

  • Treatment of constipation

Damask rose is a good substance for the stomach and digestion so it can be used as a laxative to treat  constipation.

  • Cure fever

One of the most important damask Rose uses for health is to cure fever. Rose lowers the body temperature and prevents the aggravation of the infection by reducing the fever.

  • Useful for pregnancy

Damask rose  is a rich source of vitamin C and therefore very useful for pregnant women because it strengthens  immune system. Vitamin C is also necessary for the development of the fetus and causes better absorption of Iron and calcium in the body.

  • Maintain eye health

Damask rose water can be used to prevent  and overcome  eye health problems such as redness or burning eyes.

  • Fight infection

One of the most important damask Rose uses in the field of health is to fight infection.

  • Boosting the immune system

Drinking Rose tea improves the body’s immune system and in this way a person is protected from disease such as cold and flu.

  • Improve insomnia

Consuming damask rose  before going to sleep helps to reduce stress, calm the nerves, regulate hormones related to heart rhythm and sleep patterns.